Scale Watcher BACK

Product Category: Electrical Equipments


The electronic unit works by sending out a computerized modulated signal which agitates the Calcium and other minerals, causing them to come out of solution and become suspended. This action stops any further build-up of scale by preventing the molecules from adhering to themselves or any other surface. The water's capacity to dissolve mineralsis also increased, therefore existing scale is dissolved back into the water and gradually removed.

Technical specifications


Each model comprises of a Scalewatcher unit, signal cable, ties, plugs and clear instructions.


Units can be connected to either 110 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60 Hz. Optional: Solar power or 24 Volt direct cur-rent.


Electronics hermetically sealed. Enclosures for indoor use are made of high grade thermoplastic. Enclosures for outdoor use are made weatherproof

Controls & Indicators :

All units have indicators showing correct operation, providing power applied and signal coil connected.


Only high quality electronic components are utilized, including a custom designed chip (IC) controlling signal generation processing. Components have a lifespan of over 20 years.


The Scalewatcher conforms to electrical safety standards. The electronics are sealed with resin. The output is safe to both personnel and sensitive equipment. There is no electrical contact between pipe and coil. The low output voltage is non hazardous.